What is a BPS launchpad? Everything you need to know about it

What is a BPS launchpad
What is a BPS launchpad

Your guide to understanding what a BPS launchpad is and how it propels you into a world of possibilities? Explore the launch journey now!

A BPS (Binance Smart Chain Pad) launchpad is a platform built on the Binance Smart Chain that allows crypto projects to launch and distribute their tokens in a decentralized manner. BPS launchpads have become an integral part of the BSC ecosystem, providing new and innovative projects access to funding, community, and liquidity.

In simple terms, a BPS enables crypto startups to crowdfund by launching IDOs (Initial DEX Offerings) directly on decentralized exchanges instead of traditional ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings). This article will explain what BPS launchpads are, their key features and benefits, and how they are shaping the future of decentralized fundraising.

What is a BPS Launchpad?

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Key Features of BPS Launchpads

Here are some of the core features and capabilities offered by BPS launchpads:

Token Creation

BPS launchpads provide templates, tools, and infrastructure for projects to seamlessly create and deploy new BEP-20 standard tokens on Binance Smart Chain. This makes the process quick, easy, and cost-efficient.

Decentralized Launches

Launchpads enable projects to directly launch IDOs on decentralized exchanges in a transparent manner without centralized intermediaries. Investors can participate using stablecoins like BUSD.

Customization Options

Projects can customize aspects like vesting schedules, liquidity percentages, redemption options, and tiered allocation for their IDOs. Launchpads provide flexibility to tailor launches.

Community Participation

Launchpad native tokens incentivize community participation in IDO processes. Holders can stake tokens to gain IDO access and benefit from platform growth.


Launchpads are interoperable with other leading DeFi protocols on BSC like PancakeSwap for automated liquidity addition after IDOs.

Promotion and Marketing

Launchpads facilitate access to large user communities. Many conduct IDO lotteries and auctions which generate hype around projects.

By combining these benefits, BPS launchpads offer an attractive decentralized fundraising model.

What is a BPS launchpad
What is a BPS launchpad

How Do BPS Launchpads Work?

Here is an overview of how BPS launchpads facilitate decentralized token launches:

Project Onboarding

The first step is for crypto projects to apply for launching on the launchpad. Launchpads vet and screen projects based on criteria like credibility, tokenomics, use cases, etc.

IDO Structure

Once approved, the project works with the launchpad to structure its IDO – including token pricing, allocation splits, vesting periods, liquidity percentages, etc.

Whitelisting and Allocation

The launchpad will announce the IDO and start whitelisting interested investors. Participants stake the platform’s native tokens to increase allocation chance.

Token Sale

Once whitelisting ends, the IDO goes live. Investors can claim their allocated tokens using stablecoins like BUSD during the sale period.

Liquidity Addition

After the IDO, the project adds liquidity for their token on PancakeSwap or other DEXs automatically using smart contracts.

Token Distribution

Finally, tokens are distributed to participants who claimed them during the IDO via smart contract executions. The token also becomes tradeable on liquidity sources.

This demonstrates the seamless end-to-end process for frictionless IDOs enabled by BPS launchpads.

Benefits of Using BPS Launchpads

Here are some of the key benefits of using a BPS launchpad for decentralized token launches:

Quick and Easy Launch Process

Launchpads significantly simplify and streamline the token creation and launch process. Project teams can focus on core product development.

Access to Crypto Communities

Launchpads provide access to large crypto communities interested in participating in promising IDO opportunities. Click to read about Zuko Time Travel Agni Kai Fanfic.

Automated Liquidity Provisioning

Projects can bootstrap liquidity automatically through programmed injections into DEX liquidity pools right after launch.

Enhanced Security

Non-custodial launchpads offer better security by not holding investor funds. All transactions are approved on-chain.

Marketing and Promotion

Many launchpads run IDO lotteries or auctions to generate hype and drive interest in high-quality projects.

Higher Success Rate

Careful vetting and strong communities increase the chances of success for projects launching on established launchpads.

Governance Capabilities

Launchpad tokens allow holders to participate in platform governance through voting on proposals.

By leveraging these benefits, both projects and investors can maximize the value they derive from BPS launchpad ecosystems.

Types of BPS Launchpads

There are primarily two types of BPS launchpads based on their model of operation:

Centralized Launchpads

These launchpads are governed by a central entity that oversees IDO vetting, allocation, and promotions. They function similarly to centralized exchanges but focus exclusively on new token launches. Examples: BSCPad, GameFi

Decentralized Launchpads

Decentralized launchpads are autonomous platforms governed by smart contracts and platform token holders. They aim to offer fully decentralized IDO participation and token distribution. Examples: TrustPad, NFT Launchpad

Additionally, BPS launchpads can have different styles of IDO participation and allocation:

  • Fair Launch – Equal allocation chances for all participants
  • Tiered Access – Higher allocation chances for bigger token stakes
  • Auction/Lottery – Randomized allocation based on lottery tickets or auctions

They can also differ based on the blockchain they are built on – BSC, Polygon, Fantom, etc. But most leading options are on BSC due to its strong DeFi ecosystem.

What to Look for in a BPS Launchpad?

Here are some key aspects to evaluate before selecting a BPS launchpad:

  • Number of Successful Launches: Choose launchpads with a strong history of smooth IDOs.
  • Security Protocols: Review the smart contract code and security audits carefully.
  • Token Holder Perks: Platform tokens should offer compelling incentives and governance capabilities.
  • Supported Blockchains: Look for interoperability with leading chains like BSC, Ethereum, etc.
  • Technical Infrastructure: Check for seamless onboarding, KYC, and wallet connectivity.
  • IDO Models Offered: Assess if the launchpad offers your preferred IDO format like fair launch.
  • Community Engagement: Evaluate community size and engagement levels on social platforms.
  • Fee Structure: Compare the fees charged for IDO launches across shortlisted options.

By evaluating BPS launchpads thoroughly across these parameters, projects can identify the most ideal platform for their IDO fundraising needs.

To better understand BPS launchpads, let’s take a look at two leading examples:


BSCPad is one of the largest centralized BSC launchpads with over $1 billion in IDO fundraising to date. It uses a tiered allocation system based on BSCPAD token holdings.

Some key achievements:

  • 70+ successful project launches including top names like Soteria and Blind Boxes.
  • Raised $50 million for YGG’s IDO – the largest in history.
  • BSCPAD token rose over 750x at peak, rewarding holders.

BSCPad demonstrates how launchpads can drive massive growth for quality blockchain projects.


TrustPad aims to be a fully decentralized, community-focused BSC launchpad. It uses a lottery ticket system for allocations based on TPAD token staking.

Some highlights:

  • Successfully funded 60+ crypto projects through a fair launch model.
  • Facilitates cross-chain IDOs spanning Ethereum, Polygon, and Avalanche.
  • Strong focus on investor protections through vesting, KYC, and audit requirements.

TrustPad showcases how launchpads can enable equitable access and decentralized governance at scale.

These case studies highlight the transformative impact BPS launchpads can have on early-stage crypto funding when done right.

How to Get Whitelisted on BPS Launchpads

Many BPS launches require participants to get whitelisted for IDO allocations. Here are some tips on getting whitelisted:

  • Stake the launchpad’s native token well in advance to demonstrate commitment. Higher staking levels often get priority.
  • Join the project’s community channels like Discord, Telegram, etc., and remain engaged over a period of time.
  • Follow the launchpad’s social media channels closely for whitelist announcements and sale updates.
  • Complete Know-Your-Customer (KYC) verification processes professionally if required by the launchpad.
  • Ensure you have a sufficient balance of payment tokens like BUSD in your wallet for the IDO. Many launchpads screen for this.
  • Create accounts across multiple launchpads to diversify your whitelist chances and compare allocation sizes.
  • Refer friends and community members to increase social capital and visibility. Platforms incentivize referrals.
  • Stay up to date on IDO announcements and apply for promising projects you truly believe in.

Using these best practices, retail investors can maximize their chances of getting whitelisted for the most sought-after IDOs on BPS launchpads.

Risks Associated with BPS Launchpads

While BPS launchpads offer significant benefits, they also come with certain inherent risks including:

  • Liquidity Risk – Tokens may have low initial liquidity if insufficient DEX pools are created after launch.
  • Regulatory Uncertainty – Increased scrutiny of IDO models from regulators may affect certain launchpads and projects.
  • Security Risks – Smart contract bugs or vulnerabilities could lead to loss of funds in some cases.
  • Scam Projects – Ill-intentioned projects can take advantage of launchpads to appear legitimate and defraud investors.
  • Over dilution – Excessive token supply additions through ongoing IDOs may dilute token holder value.
  • Volatility – Speculation around IDO allocations can result in high volatility for launchpad tokens.

With appropriate due diligence, however, these risks can be managed and mitigated to a large extent before investing.

The Future of BPS Launchpads

BPS launchpads are still in their early stages, and we can expect several innovations and developments as the model matures:

  • Deeper Interoperability – Seamless multi-chain IDOs will become more commonplace.
  • Sophisticated Vetting – Platforms will develop more robust rating systems and analysis around project quality.
  • Innovation in Token Distribution – Launchpads could evolve new distribution models like direct staking for allocations.
  • Mainstream Adoption – As crypto gains widespread traction, launchpad IDOs will emerge as the default fundraising method for new projects.
  • Regulatory Clarity – We can expect to see regulations and guidelines tailored specifically for decentralized launchpad fundraising frameworks.
  • Cross-Platform Collaborations – Partnerships between launchpads, KYC providers, marketplaces etc. will drive further ecosystem integration.

By driving innovation and expanding possibilities in decentralized finance, BPS launchpads are cementing their place as a core component of the blockchain funding stack.

Wrapping Up

BPS launchpads offer transformative new ways for crypto projects to access decentralized liquidity and kickstart community growth. For investors, they expand opportunities to gain early access to promising new tokens.

Their automated, non-custodial mechanisms powered by smart contracts facilitate trustless IDO participation at scale. Despite risks around volatility and security, BPS launchpads are fast emerging as the go-to platforms for blockchain crowdfunding and token distribution.

People also ask

What are the benefits of launching on a BPS launchpad?

Launching on a BPS launchpad provides several benefits including easy token creation, access to crypto communities, automated liquidity provisioning, enhanced security, marketing support, and higher chances of success.

How is a BPS launchpad different from an ICO/IEO?

BPS launchpad IDOs are decentralized and happen directly on DEXs like PancakeSwap. ICOs and IEOs are centralized – ICOs are direct crowdfunding events while IEOs happen on centralized exchanges.

What should new projects consider when choosing a launchpad?

Projects should look for launchpads with a strong track record, robust security, an engaged community, a reasonable fee structure, and IDO models that align with their needs. Comparing multiple options is recommended.

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