Reasons Why White Spots On the Mobile Screens – Causes and Solutions

Why White Spots On the Mobile Screens
Why White Spots On the Mobile Screens

Discover the causes of White Spots On the Mobile Screens and effective solutions. From pressure damage to GPU issues, find tips on fixing and preventing future damage.

We all recognize how frustrating it can be whilst white spots abruptly appear on your cellular display screen. These disturbing marks may be due to a few different problems, and the answers vary depending on the underlying hassle. In this comprehensive guide, we will stroll you through the numerous reasons for White Spots On Mobile Screens and the pleasant ways to fix them.

Understanding Reasons Why White Spots On the Mobile Screens?

There are a few possible culprits when it comes to white spots showing up on your smartphone or tablet screen:

1. Pressure damage

If your device is subjected to pressure, such as being in a pocket or bag with keys or other objects, this can cause white spots to appear. The weight and friction can damage the LCD layer underneath the glass screen. These white marks are typically permanent.

2. Defective pixels

LCD and LED screens are made up of millions of tiny pixels. Sometimes a pixel can become stuck in an ‘on’ position, displaying white instead of changing colors as intended. A cluster of defective pixels can cause a noticeable white spot.

3. Display glue issues

The glass display on a mobile device is attached with adhesive glue. If this glue starts to leak, it can create a hazy white spot where the glue is visible underneath the glass.

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Display glue issues

4. Damage to display cables

Behind the screen, thin cables connect the display to the phone’s motherboard. If these get pinched or severed, it can cause white lines or spots to appear.

5. Faulty graphics processor

The graphics processing unit (GPU) renders the display images. A faulty GPU can manifest as white spots and other display issues.

6. Water damage

When water seeps under the screen, it can cause clouding or white spots. Water corrodes the display components and interrupts their electrical connections.

Now that we’ve covered the common causes, let’s look at your options for removing white spots on a mobile display.

Water damage
Water damage

How to fix white spots on mobile screen

The right solution for your white spot issue will depend on the underlying cause. Here are some tips:

  • For pressure damage, unfortunately, the spots are likely permanent. You can try applying gentle pressure around the spot to see if it temporarily improves, but it will likely return. Avoid keeping your device in a pocket or bag with objects that could apply focused pressure in the future.
  • For defective pixels, try applying light pressure with a cloth over the spot, or try using a pixel-fixing app to attempt to refresh it. If it persists, you may need a full-screen replacement to resolve defective pixels.
  • For display glue issues, the only solution is to fully replace the screen. An experienced repair technician can safely detach the display glass and clean up any leaked adhesive.
  • For display cable damage, again a full screen replacement is required. Cables can’t easily be repaired, so the display unit needs to be swapped out.
  • For GPU issues, you’ll need a motherboard replacement. The GPU is integrated into the logic board. A phone repair shop can source and install a new motherboard if the cost is worthwhile for your device’s value.
  • For water damage, it’s best to immediately power off the device and take it to a repair shop. They may be able to clean corrosion and dry out the internals. It’s important to act quickly before permanent damage sets in.

For any full-screen or component replacements, use a reputable repair shop with good reviews, and ensure they use high-quality OEM parts. Generic aftermarket parts often don’t last.

With the right diagnosis and repair method, you can get those annoying white spots off your mobile display and get back to enjoying your device. Carefully inspecting the spots can help determine the cause, and guide you towards the appropriate fix.

Protect your mobile screen in the future

To avoid white spots and other display damage in the future, here are some tips:

  • Install a high-quality screen protector, like tempered glass. This creates a barrier against pressure damage, water, and other hazards.
  • Avoid keeping your phone in a pocket or bag with metal objects, keys, or loose change that could apply focused pressure.
  • Only use original manufacturer charging cables and bricks. Third-party components can cause electrical irregularities.
  • Prevent moisture damage by avoiding use in the rain, and drying off your device if it gets wet before charging.
  • Use phone cases to protect against drops, and choose impact-absorbing cases for extra protection.
  • Keep your phone away from excessive heat sources that could damage electronic components.

With proper precautions, you can maximize the longevity of your mobile display and minimize annoying issues like white spots on your mobile screen. Act quickly if any screen damage appears to prevent permanent issues. Following best practices for protecting your phone will help you avoid repairs down the road.

Wrapping Up- White Spots On the Mobile Screens

In summary, white spots on your mobile screen can be caused by different issues like pressure damage, defective pixels, display glue leaks, component damage, and water exposure. The solutions range from applying pressure to fix stuck pixels, to replacing the screen or internal components through professional repair shops.

To prevent white spots and other display damage, use screen protectors, avoid pressure and moisture, employ protective cases, and handle your device with care. Acting quickly when damage occurs gives you the best chance of reversing it before permanent issues set in. With the right diagnosis and repair measures, you can eliminate annoying white spots and get back to enjoying your mobile device.

People Also Ask

Why is there a white circle on my phone screen?

It could be several things! A common culprit is dead pixels, which appear as permanently lit dots. Less likely, it might be pressure damage from accidentally pressing too hard or burn-in from static images displayed for long periods.

Why is there a light spot on my phone screen?

A light spot could be due to an internal malfunction, like a faulty backlight component. In some cases, it might be related to moisture damage or even physical impacts like drops.

Why is there a white dot on my phone screen?

Similar to the white circle, this could be a dead pixel, pressure damage, or burn-in. If it’s tiny and barely noticeable, it might just be a speck of dust trapped under the screen protector.

How do I get rid of the white spots on my phone screen?

Unfortunately, fixing white spots usually requires technical expertise. For dead pixels and burn-in, professional repair or screen replacement is often the only solution. For pressure damage, sometimes gently applying pressure in the opposite direction can work, but be careful not to worsen the issue. If you suspect moisture damage, switch off your phone immediately and seek professional help.

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