Sea of Thieves PS5: 10 Awesome Pirate Games to Play Instead

Sea of Thieves PS5 game
Sea of Thieves PS5

Discover thrilling pirate adventures on PS5! Explore 10 awesome alternatives to Sea of Thieves PS5, from Assassin’s Creed IV to upcoming gems like Skull & Bones. Set sail for high-seas excitement now!

For PlayStation fans longing to set sail on the high seas, Sea of Thieves PS5 Xbox and PC exclusivity can feel like running aground on the rocky shores of disappointment. But never fear mateys! Though you may not be able to join your Xbox friends on their Sea of Thieves PS5 voyages, the PS5 still offers a treasure trove of excellent pirate games to enjoy.

Sea of Thieves PS5: 10 Awesome Pirate Games to Play Instead

1. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

No list of pirate video games would be whole without Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. Set within the Caribbean at some stage in the Golden Age of Piracy, Black Flag lets you hoist the sails as Edward Kenway, a Welsh privateer-grew becomes a pirate caught up in the Assassins vs Templars warfare. You’ll sail a customizable pirate deliver, plunder ships and cities, dig for buried treasure, and get into swashbuckling swordfights, all even as unraveling a conspiracy that threatens the very lifestyles of piracy itself. It’s without problems one of the best modern pirate games out there.

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
Assassin’s Creed IV

2. Skull & Bones

Though no longer out yet, Ubisoft’s upcoming Skull & Bones looks extremely promising for pirate fans keen on ship-to-deliver battles and excessive seas journeys. Set inside the equal shared universe as Assassin’s Creed, you may sail the Indian Ocean for the duration of the Golden Age of Piracy, preying on traders and fighting rival pirate captains. You can customize your delivery, crew, and captain and crew up with buddies for co-op missions. If it delivers on its premise, it can come to be a pirate lover’s dream game when it releases for PS5.

3. Lego Pirates of the Caribbean

For lighter pirate amusement, test out Lego Pirates of the Caribbean, which brings all 4 Pirates of the Caribbean films to existence in charming Lego shapes. You’ll sail to acquainted locales from the films, swordfight cursed skeleton pirates, fireplace cannons in epic sea battles, or even confront sea monsters just like the Kraken. It’s a greater child-pleasant pirate journey, ideal for enthusiasts of both Lego games and Jack Sparrow’s large display screen swashbuckling antics.

4. Sid Meier’s Pirates!

A conventional pirate recreation, Sid Meier’s Pirates! Helps you to live out the romanticized Golden Age of Piracy fantasy. You’ll sail around the Caribbean, sinking enemy ships, trying to find misplaced treasures, dueling pirates in swordfights, dancing with governors’ daughters at grand balls, and operating your manner up from lowly deckhand to legendary pirate captain. It’s an open-ended pirate adventure wherein you pick out your very own direction to infamy and riches. The PS4 remaster makes this influential pirate tradition more handy than ever.

5. Tempest

For a more fantastical take on pirates, dive into Tempest, an upcoming PS5 exclusive from the makers of Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag. You play as a captain whose ship gets dragged into a dark alternate world inspired by Greek mythology. With the deity Calypso as your guide, you’ll sail stormy seas battling legendary monsters and vengeful godly enemies. If you want pirates mixed with mythological adventure, Tempest aims to deliver that in spades.

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6. Risen 3

The Risen fantasy RPG collection isn’t always targeted entirely at pirates, however, Risen Three: Titan Lords hugely adds in swashbuckling sea puppies. After being betrayed and left lifeless, the nameless protagonist units out for revenge, becoming a member of up with a faction of pirates led by the mythical Captain Steelbeard. You’ll explore tropical islands, raid enemy ships, drink grog in pirate towns, or even recruit your pirate group. If you want an RPG with sturdy pirate issues, Risen 3 is a terrific preference.

7. Cape of Pirates

A recent indie release for PS5, Cape of Pirates sees you take over a pirate ship stranded in the Caribbean and attempt to become the most fearsome pirate in the region. You’ll explore a vast open world filled with islands to discover and merchant ships to prey upon. Maintain your ship and recruit more crew as you battle rival pirate gangs, evade colonial navies, and go on missions focused on trade, treasure hunting, or good old-fashioned piracy. If you crave an open-ended pirate fantasy, Cape of Pirates aims to fulfill that.

8. Blood & Gold: Caribbean!

For a pirate game focused on realism and historical accuracy, check out the upcoming Blood & Gold: Caribbean! Set during the 16th and 17th century Golden Age of Piracy, it aims to provide an authentic pirate experience grounded in real Caribbean history. You’ll start as a penniless rogue desperate to make something of yourself in the New World colonies. Where you go from there is up to you. Trade, privateer, or embrace the outlaw life of piracy – just beware of Pushing the punishment if caught! An impressive pirate simulator for history buffs.

9. Port Royale 4

Prefer your piracy with a healthy dose of business management? Port Royale 4 tasks you with building up your Caribbean trade empire during the 17th century by managing towns, establishing trade routes, and building up your fleet of ships. Of course, that doesn’t preclude commandeering a ship, gathering a pirate crew, and leaving law-abiding commerce behind for plunder and adventure on the high seas if you so choose. Just try not to get on the bad side of those European navies!

Port Royale 4
Port Royale 4

10. Pirates of the Caribbean Online

Arguably the most authentic pirate game out there, Pirates of the Caribbean Online was a massively multiplayer online RPG set in the world of the hit Pirates of the Caribbean films that ran from 2007-2013. At its peak, over 10 million players came online to sail the Caribbean as pirates, interacting with characters from the movies and braving dangers ranging from hurricanes to ghosts to Davy Jones and his dreaded Kraken. Sadly shut down in 2013, The rumor is Disney may revive this beloved pirate MMO, which would be a true joy for Pirate of the Caribbean fans.

Hoisting the Sails

While PlayStation enthusiasts eagerly watch for capacity PS5 releases for piratical offerings like Sea of Thieves, the video games above show there is no scarcity of remarkable pirate adventures to enjoy right now. Whether you prefer historical realism or mythical maritime action, there’s a pirate recreation out there sure to meet your preference to set sail at the virtual high seas. So weigh anchor, hoist the sails, and put together for adventure – pirate existence awaits!

Final Words

Though Sea of Thieves is yet to set sail on PS5, fear not, fellow buccaneers! A treasure trove of pirate games awaits on the PlayStation horizon, promising high-seas adventures. With upcoming titles like Skull & Bones and Tempest, the future looks bright for virtual pirates. Hoist the sails on PS5, set course for fortune, and brace for more swashbuckling escapades ahead. The golden age of piracy has just begun!

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